Greencrown Water Systems prides itself on its continued commitment to conservation and recycling, along with the reuse and recovery of mineral resources for the betterment of the environment. From multifamily and high-rise to commercial and industrial applications, Greencrown Water Systems promotes healthy living and conservation of precious natural resources.

The Greencrown Water team develops, designs, and manufactures water conservation, filtration, and chemical-free disinfection systems, owning all intellectual property and patents.

Our management team has designed, built, manufactured, and sold thousands of water systems globally. As a result, we have saved small to large organizations over a billion gallons of water worldwide.

Our expert team consists of fluids, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as well as a Doctor of Microbiology, who focuses on the safety of the water within the systems and potential airborne water.

Our leadership is committed to designing, implementing, and supporting today’s most innovative water systems in the world.

Greencrown Water Systems is looking for distribution partners worldwide.

Engineering Team

Our engineers have dedicated over 40 years of work experience mostly in the field of Environmental Engineering Sciences. They have covered almost 20 countries in both developed and under-developed countries, serving in such capacities as Volunteer Technical Consultants for United Nations Development Programs, Senior Research and Development Engineers for the Ministries of Environment and/or Agriculture of Canada. Extensive work in exploration of water, gas and oil in the desert fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. Consulted with different Water Ministries of South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Latin Americas, Philippines/South-East Asia and Caribbean nations for Water, Agriculture and Sanitation.

They have provided engineering assistance for the inland water development projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers in the deltas and rivers of Sacramento, California and States of Washington and Oregon. In the years 2000 and 2001 respectively, they received an Award of Distinction from California EPA for Sustainable Green Energy in the field of Water Recovery for the Agriculture Industry Through Effective Treatment, followed by an Award of Recognition for the same category from the Office of the Vice-President Al Gore.

A Few Notable Projects

  • Cooling Towers Filtration and Bacteria Control at Chesapeake Energy, OK,
  • Veterans Hospital at Los Angeles, St Francis Hospital, AZ,
  • Cooling Towers: Las Vegas Casinos, Hotels, and Other notable Las Vegas Properties
  • Organic Waste Conversion to Power and Soil Conditioning for the City of Toronto, Canada and Irvine, CA
  • Smith Garden Carrot and Potato Wash Water Facility, Keswick, ON – and at Go Transit Wash Water – Eradication of Bacteria and other pollutants
  • Cold Water Nursing Facility, Cold Water, ON – Eradication and Control of E-coli and Purification of Domestic Water
  • Bolt House, Bakersfield, CA – Eradication of E-coli
  • Army Corp Engineers, Sacramento, CA and WA – Built filtration systems from Deltas and Rivers
  • Desalination Facilities in Middle-East, Sri Lanka and Ghana
  • Sanitation (Toilet) Facilities in Soweto, South Africa – Provided usable water from human waste (use of aerobes, anaerobes and methanogens)

Other Training and Certifications

  • Micro-Biology in Organic Waste Treatment, (Storm Fisher Co.)Univ. of Gottingen – Germany
  • Electro-Mechanical and Biological Treatment of Municipal Waste, (ULC Gmbh) Munchen Univ. – Germany
  • Fluid Dynamics and Pump Hydraulics, (Cornell Pumps-ASME) Univ. of Oregon, USA
  • HVAC Process Cooling Water Treatment for Increased in Efficiency and Conservation – Clearwater Enviro Technlogies, WEFTEC and Univ. of Tampa Florida

Technical Papers Authored

  • Process water recycling, filtration and non-chemical treatment using velocentrifugation, ozonation. Ionization in Steel Mills Industry. June 1993 IBN#667,289 Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Standard Operating Procedures for the Process of Organic Waste, Recovering and Converting Methane Gas for Cogeneration, Dec. 2007- Min. of the Environment, Newmarket, Ontario
  • Collection of Landfill Gas and Conversion to Liquefied Petroleum Gas using Pressure Swing and Liquefaction Method, Oct. 2009 WEFTEC Irvine,California
  • HVAC Process Water Non-Chemical Water Treatment and Filtration, Feb.2005 ASHRAE
  • Improved Combustion in Gasoline/Diesel/Propane fed Internal Combustion Engine using partial Hydrogen from tap water and Nitrogen from Atmospheric Air. Removal of Toxic Gases from Internal Combustion Engine’s Exhaust, USA/EPA January 2005
  • Extraction of Ethanol and Alcohol from hybrid Sweet Potato, Wet and/or Dry Process, including use of Molecular Shieve for further refining higher alcohol content, NEDA/UNEP-Manila, Feb. 22, 2010
  • Extraction of Precious Metals in Treating Wastewater from Mine Tailings in South Africa (Platinum, Palladium, Irridium, Rhodium, Gold, Silver, Copper and Aluminum, Anglo-American Mines Dec. 2012
  • Eradication of Total Bacteria and Pathogen (BOD/ COD) in Food Production for Smith Gardens, Using Ultrasonic waves and Frequency Resonation with Nano Filtration Oct. 2014
  • Process of Removal of hydrocarbons from Bus Washwater Plant for Metrolinx Ontario (Go Transit)
  • Using Dissolved/Diffused Air Floatation, and Nano Filtration with Ozonization Technology, Aug.2015